Temperature Afghan


On January 1, 2017, I knit the first row of a 365 row afghan.  I can only knit one row a day if I stay on track.  If I don’t, I have to catch-up knit.  By that, I mean that I have to knit the rows of the days I missed.

My daughter saw the idea on Pinterest.  A gradient of  temperatures are created and one color yarn assigned to each range.

These are the yarn colors for temperature ranges from coldest on the left to warmest on the right.

The knitter checks the high temperature everyday, and then knits the row in the color for that temperature range.

This shows the temperature ranges (left) that match each color

It is really quite exciting.  Not only will the knitter have a wonderful temperature history for the year, but also a cozy, warm afghan in which to wrap on cool evenings.

I added one row of white yarn for March 21, the day my beloved Golden Retriever, Gracie, died.  My sons, who ask me daily if I knitted my row, and I wanted to add this special row to my afghan to remember the day of her passing.  We chose white, because it would stand out.

Gracie in Autumn

I waited until today, March 31, because I wanted to show the afghan as far as possible.  Unfortunately, because I spend my evenings writing, I am a bit behind.

Temperature Afghan as of March 21, 2017

Think of me next March, wrapped in this snuggly and completed (I hope) afghan, writing my slice.  I’ll be smiling!








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  1. I have done this project, but as a scarf! For mine, I combined two strands of yarn per day- one for the decile range of the high temperature, and one for the low temperature- and I knit two rows of the scarf each day. It was great fun, and I have an incredibly beautiful, warm, and very long scarf as a result. (The year before, I had made a sky scarf – blues, grays, and white, with two colors per day for the dominant sky color of the day. Along with my temperature scarf, I also made one for rainfall. 2 rows of jet black if it was dry, a row of jet black and a row of sparkly blue if it rained. It happened to be an extraordinarily dry year where I live, but I still am weaving in all the ends on that one. Lots of color changes! Your afghan looks beautiful so far, and I am impressed that you decided to make a big piece like that as a knit every day project.


    • Wow! Thanks for the interesting reply. I never thought of doing a smaller project like a scarf. I did wonder about the low temperatures, though. I spent some time knitting last night to try to get caught up…the SOLC took up some of my knitting time. Ha! Ha! I’ll try to show a picture of the finished product on Dec. 31 or early Jan. 2018.


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