Changing Traditions


I like traditions.  Traditions give children roots.  And, when they spread their wings to fly into the unknown future, some of those traditions will be passed on to the next generation.  Sometimes, we need to start new traditions.

Today, after Easter service, dinner, and Easter baskets, we tried something new.  Instead of an Easter egg hunt like we used to have when the children were little, we decided to have some family board game time.  With only a subset of the children home today, a fourth player was needed for “The Train Game” (also know as Ticket to Ride).  Three of us were ready to play, but the game is more fun with more players.  We needed another player.  Fortunately, there was one last person in the house, my husband.   Now my hubby isn’t a board game kind of guy.  He is more of a “I want to read a good book” kind of guy.  I love board games; I really wanted him to play.  I began with, “Do you want to play with us?   It’ll be fun.”

“No, thanks.”

I had to pull out the big guns, “I bore you six children.  Don’t you want to play?”

“Come on, Dad.  It’ll be fun,” the kids joined in.

My husband shook his head, and held up his Kindle.

“You have to.  You promised to love, honor, and cherish, for better or for worse.  This is definitely worse. But you promised. Come on and play,” I shamelessly begged.

The kids were rolling on the floor with laughter as my husband laid his kindle on the ottoman and walked over to the kitchen table.   Being a good sport, my husband dutifully played the game with his highly logical strategy until the bitter end.  The kids had a great time laughing at my husband’s “grumpy” demeanor.  Overall, it was a fun, possibly new tradition. I hope so at least!

And, by the way, I won.  

The Train Game

Counting points at the end of the game.


About bjdonaldson

I'm an average woman who enjoys reflecting on life, writing poetry and ponderings, and having a good laugh. DIY, baking, and cycling are fun, too. If you visited me, I'd invite you in for a cup of coffee and a little chat. I am a Literacy Coach, Reading Specialist, and former classroom and Reading Recovery teacher at an elementary school. Getting up in the morning is not hard; I still love making a difference in the lives of children and teachers.

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